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05 Jul


    Today, the fifth of the seventh, I turn 57.

     El dia que naci yo mala estrella reinaria /(the day I was born bad star would have reigned) 

    Not so bad, on that day my hometown team The Real Zaragoza won the Spain Cup, later the Generalissimo (Franco) Cup and today the King's Cup. 

I was born in front of their stadium.  

   For those Brits , specially those of the Arsenal, you might remember this goal

    well that is my Real Zaragoza.    

 Years later, working as a salesman I had to go to Ceuta, one of the spanish enclaves in Morocco, as it was lunchtime I entered the first bar I found to have a beer and a tapa and....

     It was Nayim's  Place. decorated with lots of odd lottery tickets (the 00000 and the likes) there is no thing such as coincidence.     

So I woke up and put "the song Reamains the Same" first thing in the morning, now i am watching the full movie as I write this crazy rantings to you.    

    I am gong to roll my last joint, it is not that I am going to quit drugs, but just ran out of hash and make myself a Bron-Ya_ur coffee with Passport Scotch (The only COVID passport I will use in my life) and go on writing to you all. 

    Luckily, after months of lockdowns i found a Fine watering hole in the most bohemian quarter of Lisbon, The Mouraria, they treated my nicely so made po thist little advertising for them in return: 

  •    So little more about me, I blog from Lisbon www.dodgone.com, I am in love with Led  Zeppelin since i was 12 and hope this love will go on for a very long time. and that i will be thinking about you, my fellow Led Zeppelin fans, all thru the day    

  •  PS. a reminder to the brave Julian Assange, his birthday was a couple of days ago, i will be thinking and praying for him. Please join me in this looking forward to seeing him free again.           Thanks and Regards     David     Let's the song Remain The Same for all of us; 

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